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Early 2014 Data Science MOOCs
27 points by jack 1787 days ago | 9 comments
Here are the courses from the big 3 providers, which ones will you be taking?



Into to Data Science


Computing for Data Analysis

Computational Methods for Data Analysis

Social and Economic Networks



Data Wrangling with MongoDB

Exploratory Data Analysis


Introduction to Probability


Discrete Time Signals and Systems


Data Analysis and Statistical Inference



Data Mining with Weka


The Analytics Edge

6 points by achompas 1786 days ago | link

Many of these MOOCs are introductory. Stephen Boyd's upcoming Convex Optimization MOOC is not.

It stands out among the rest of these, in my mind. Boyd co-authored THE BOOK on optimization, and this class bills itself as a graduate-level course. I will be participating in this.


3 points by Anon84 1786 days ago | link

Don't forget "statistical Learning" from Stanford and "Artificial Intelligence" from Udacity (I'm trying to work on it over the break)

I took one of Udacitys "data science" ones (Hadoop) and was a bit disappointed with the extremely low level, but I might check out the MongoDB one. Also Weka and computational methods.


3 points by gallamine 1785 days ago | link

The "Statistical Learning" class bills itself as introductory, but I'm looking forward to getting to learn under Hastie and Tibshirani.


2 points by wespiser 1774 days ago | link

I'm taking "Discrete Inference and Learning in Artificial Vision", Although artificial vision is outside of my area of research, I want more experience applying complex models to data.


2 points by rd108 1783 days ago | link

Which of these courses uses Python (rather than R) as its primary teaching language?


2 points by jack 1780 days ago | link

try Harvard's CS109


2 points by martijndatamind 1786 days ago | link

here is a full list of courses on datascience with R for Coursera:


2 points by carlosgg 1786 days ago | link


1 point by jsogarro 1786 days ago | link

Thanks for sharing. Intro to Data Science and Data Wrangling with MongoDB seem pretty interesting.


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