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1 point by iadss 78 days ago | discuss
Would you like to be part of a global study in Analytics and Data Science, in just 15 seconds?

As Analytics Center (, we work for an initiative about data analytics world led by Usama Fayyad, called Initiative for Analytics and Data Science Standards (IADSS). Our aim is to define industry standards for analytics and data science professionals. A global study is currently conducted to get insights about analytics related roles, associated skill-sets and career paths. We believe this in turn, could support the healthy growth of the analytics market.

You are also more than welcome to get involved in the study. To do so, you can fill the form at which takes no more than 15 seconds.

Research insights will be shared with the analytics community via IADSS website, social media and at prestigious conferences. We already shared some initial insights at KDD London 2018, IEEE ICDM Singapore 2018, Predictive Analytics World London.

Please see more details at our website, partners websites and join our private LinkedIn group:

Thank you for your time in advance.

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