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Predicting repeat buyers using purchase history [Kaggle] [Vowpal Wabbit] (
18 points by nofreehunch 1678 days ago | 3 comments

3 points by nofreehunch 1678 days ago | link

Hi DataTau! In this post I explain how I hacked together a script in Python to generate features from ~350 million transaction records. Using the wonderful tool Vowpal Wabbit I then scored #3 on the public leaderboard.

You can ask any questions here, on the competition forums or on the blog!


2 points by rohit 1678 days ago | link

Hi nofreehunch! The link seems to be broken. Or is it just me?


2 points by nofreehunch 1677 days ago | link

Hey, it was still set to private :(. It should be fixed now. Thank you!


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