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Ten Machine Learning Algorithms You Should Know to Become a Data Scientist (
14 points by shashankg22 105 days ago | 3 comments

2 points by BeetleHead77 102 days ago | link

This might just be a guide. Not really a should-learn thing. At least it gives an idea where to start.


2 points by aflyax 104 days ago | link

umm. nope. you don’t really need to know most of them “to be a data scientist”, and some that you do need to know are not there. come on… convo-nets? you HAVE to know them to work as a data scientist for an insurance company? really?.. but not GLMs or xgboost?..


1 point by lackadaisically 102 days ago | link

> really?.. but not GLMs or xgboost?..

Article mentioned decision tree. More specifically Boosting Trees.

If you can't add 1 + 1 together...

Also GLM is general linear model. It's just an abstract framework for regression. Are you saying article should learn more than just logit, ols regression? I too can throw out silly terminologies and pretend to be smart.

While I don't really fully agree with the article you're not helping.


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