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1 point by ibobcode 730 days ago | link | parent

The goal here is to give to the ML community an open access, asynchronous, yet powerful, hyperparameters optimization tool. But it is just a Beta for now and we need feedback guys ! :)

The project is based on our open source optimization library (for now based on TPE-like):

And you can interact with this library with a whole ecosystem of clients :

- A web client : directly on bender's website, you can visualize the optimization process on nice graphs; and compare the performances of different models on the same problem with a ranking board that ultimately allows you to pick the best model with the best hyperparameters set.

- A python one, a R one : it allows you to get automatic suggestions of hyperparameters set to test within your code.

Everything is documented on this readthedocs :

1 point by spark 730 days ago | link

It's not clear to me why I would want to explore the hyperparameters in a web UI.


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