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Emrys: p2p gpu compute marketplace (
1 point by wminshew 114 days ago | 1 comment

2 points by wminshew 114 days ago | link

Hi -- founder here open to questions, currently looking for beta users ($10 in compute credits ~= 50 hours on a gtx 1080ti at current pricing) wiling to give feedback.

For users, emrys does ~4 things:

1. uploads a python script and requirements to the server with which a docker image is built

2. syncs the data set, if it exists locally, to the server

3. auctions the job’s execution to supplier’s meeting the user’s hardware requirements

4. streams output logs back to the user & downloads anything the python script saved in ./output/

More information can be found in the docs ( or by contacting support ([email protected])


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