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Face Recognition with Shashank Singh (
15 points by jasonb 3106 days ago | 4 comments

4 points by amolgupta 3105 days ago | link

the concept seems to be great and solves a real big problem.All the required technology and infrastructure exist and are available. The execution need to be good and this can really bring about some change in the world.


3 points by shashanksingh 3105 days ago | link

Thanks @jasonb

As a Nine year old, in early 90’s , an attempt was made to kidnap me. Although I was saved by a good Samaritan the culprit was never caught.

Every 8 minutes a child goes missing in India. They end up as beggars, prostitutes or as modern-day-slaves and few of them are ever rescued or found.

I want to take this spirit of helping others and really scale it on a level where millions of people are looking out for each other. That's what really drives me.


2 points by xerosanyam 3103 days ago | link

Face Recognition is an important domain of machine learning, where a lot of research is goes on, But still nothing of such an importance has ever been done. This project focuses on functionality as core, and not just for fancy stuff(to unlock your mobile phone). Keep it up guys!


1 point by shashanksingh 3103 days ago | link

Thanks man :) We are trying hard, to increase awareness about the issue and the app itself.

--Team Helping Faceless Like Us At:


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