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Ask DataTau: We built a site to host image datasets
5 points by hanrelan 111 days ago | 2 comments
Hi DataTau, we built to make it easy to host and share datasets and would love your feedback.

Would hosting your datasets publicly or privately be useful to you? Is finding, loading or sharing datasets a problem you have that this Brine might fix?

Brine is focused specifically on hosting image datasets since that's where we found being able to visualize the images and get the dataset in a standardized format is most helpful. If there's interest we might expand to video and audio as well. Our plan would be to make Brine completely free for public datasets and charge for private ones (similar to GitHub).

If you have any thoughts/questions/ideas please let us know in the comments!

1 point by NRg1z3R 104 days ago | link

There is already a lot of services that do that.


1 point by NAAkre 110 days ago | link

you should start with collecting all available (free and online) dataset(images).


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