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A list of must read books for Data Science (
21 points by muktabh 460 days ago | 4 comments

3 points by larrydag 459 days ago | link

This is an essential read for those that use Python.

Here is some essential reads for those that use R

Regression Modeling Strategies - F. Harrell

Elements of Statistical Learning - Hastie et al

Introduction to Statistical Learning - James et all

The Art of R Programming - N. Matloff


1 point by kushank 456 days ago | link

Thanks @larrydag, that's an interesting list!


1 point by argotechnica 459 days ago | link

The Hopcroft and Kannan book has been updated since the 2014 edition linked to from that article, to this 2016 version, with an additional author (Blum):


1 point by gargisharma 456 days ago | link

Thanks @argotechnica, we have updated the link.


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