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Google is acquiring Kaggle (
13 points by ata_aman 468 days ago | 5 comments

3 points by gkjohns 467 days ago | link

Didn't see this coming but in retrospect it makes perfect sense. I'm wondering how Kaggle will change its competitions, though, as the most popular ones are sponsored by some of Google's direct competitors.


2 points by data_dude 467 days ago | link

Exactly my thoughts too. I remember Netflix had a huge one a while ago. If it directly conflicts with Google Youtube's interests, arguably it could mean Google will be able to dictate competitions and have a 500K army of data scientists at their disposal.


1 point by icc97 465 days ago | link

If they stopped competitors using it then they'd effectively kill Kaggle.


1 point by ata_aman 465 days ago | link

gathering data from that is way more valuable than stopping their competitors imho


3 points by data_dude 468 days ago | link

Power move by Google. Didn't know Kaggle would be willing to be acquired by FANG.


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