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Introduction to Anomaly Detection (
13 points by DataScienceInc 428 days ago | 2 comments

2 points by splike 427 days ago | link

> Looks like our anomaly detector is doing a decent job.

I don't agree. Calling ~5% of your dataset anomalies purely by construction always seemed like a crappy way of doing things to me. Look At those stars towards the end of the curve, they don't look like anomalies to me.


1 point by vikram_tiwari 424 days ago | link

It seems like a lousy job. When you put up code samples make sure that code is working. I found at least 2 instances where the variable was missing by just reading the article. Please make sure when you share code, that it works. Also, a shared iPython notebook on github/juypter network would do better. Thanks for the article.


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