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  roycoding said
* Coursera

* Andrew Ng's Machine learning class

* Bill Howe's Intro to Data Science

* Udacity

* Stats 101

* Intro to AI I'm not familiar with Udacity's new data science courses, but I think Udacity has the best course presentation generally.

* The NLTK book ( has a lot if good info, even if you're not doing NLP.

* scikit-learn also has some good machine learning tutorials

* A Programmers Guide to Datamining ( has some good practical advice and is very easy to read. It's hard to recommend what will really help someone without knowing their background.

  bryan said
Another great resource to get started with specific toolkits to use from Kaggle: Clare Corthell at Mattermark has created / open-sourced her own Masters in Data Science: Quora's Data Science page great insights shared by data folks:; amongst many posts, these will suffice the beginners' curiosity: 1); 2)

  pdenya said  
Complete projects or enter Kaggle competitions - Learn as you go like everything else. Once you've finished a few projects with good results you should be able to land a job in your chosen specialization.

  curious_dream said
Coursera and Udacity! You may have to wait for a couple of years to get all the courses you want, in, but, on Coursera there's Andrew Ng's famous ML course, and, recently, a few courses that use stats and 'R'. 'Data Science' from last spring taught some Hadoop, and Udacity has an open course on it right now (no set schedule). And, Kaggle, as the others point out.

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